The Community Association Specialists


Welcome to Midlantic Property Management, a recognized leader among association management in New Jersey. We are a Community Institute Association (CAI), Fully Accredited Association Management Company (AAMC).



Midlantic Property Management is prepared to offer the following services for the management of your property.  The following outline includes the general areas covered by our agreement, as well as some specific services, which are provided. We would, however, prefer to work with you to develop additional specifications, which address the unique qualities of your property to ensure that our services are tailored to meet your needs.

  • Open bank accounts
  • Assist in minimizing burden on board members
  • Review fire, liability, workers compensation and earthquake insurance policies
  • Maintain all insurance files and bid insurance packages annually
  • Review Association's governing documents including CC&Rs, by-laws, amendments and resolutions
  • Advise and guide Association Board on establishing amendments, resolutions, policies and rules and regulations
  • Communicate to board a cost-effective, proactive approach towards property management
  • Review and/or establish emergency procedures
  • Attend Board and Association meetings up to two hours in duration
  • Prepare and mail notices, proxies, and ballots
  • Assist Board President with preparation of Agenda
  • Prepare "Board Packages" for meetings, and circulate to Board in advance of meeting
  • Provide financial statements and management reports at Board meeting
  • Maintain Association records and handle correspondence
  • Maintain contact information
  • Assist existing or promote creation of a newsletter committee